Friday, January 16, 2015

Send - Sending off my dyslexic students

  When I think of the word send, I think of my students I teach every day.  They come to my classroom which is kind of like a little cocoon - small and nonthreatening during their day of big classes and intimidating lessons.
   They are dyslexic.  I am dyslexic.  This give them hope.
   I remember being sent away from classes feeling less than.  I was not allowed to read out loud.
   I want each day to send my students off stronger.  I want to them be sent off hopeful.  I want to send them off with a plan for success not just for that day but for their life.
   I want to send them off with the truth - when you are dyslexic things might not come as easily as they do to others.  When you are dyslexic, you have to read a lot to be able to read well.  When you are dyslexic, there are times when you just can't think of the way to spell that word - not even if there were a gun to your head.... so get over it and concentrate on the strengths you have.  Concentrate on what you do well and build those strengths up.
   And - read, read, read
   read bill boards
   read magazines
   read  the back of the cereal box
   read the Bible
   read the bulletin at church
   read material on the wall in the doctor's office
And ask
   ask people what that word is
   ask how to spell something
   ask how to pronounce something
and write
   every day
I send them off with that. 

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