Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 7 / 365 Fear Not

Genesis 50:19
And Joseph said unto them, Fear not: for am I in the place of God?
Who are you bowing down to today?

 What are you fearing?
Joseph could have wanted to be feared
Joseph could have wanted to pay his brothers back.
Joseph had learned that it was a bad place to put yourself in the place of God - to be feared by others. 
 Joseph believed all that his brothers had done to hurt him was eventually used to glorify the goodness and faithfulness of God.  At this point of Joseph's life, he was as peace with that.

Joseph had acknowledged in his heart that when you know there is only One to be feared - you will be full of peace.

What today do you fear that you are putting in the place of God?
Be it

Fear not!
 - nothing is in the place of God in this world.

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  1. This could've been written just for me today. It's perfect. Thank you!!!

    1. (Erin Kass, Ready to Breathe...I'm still figuring out these login pages and 'kasses' is old lol)

  2. Joseph was such a great example of allowing God the vengeance. It was all used for His glory! And Joseph was at peace. We could learn a lot from his example.

  3. I agree with Cherie and I love how you pointed that out. Joseph could have wanted TO BE feared. Very thought provoking.

  4. Oh yes... what are we bowing down to... such a great question, especially when it comes to fear because we can so often attempt to justify our fears! Great post today!

    1. I definitely justify my fears - and a lot of times don't even recognize them as fears. I am convinced God really means to Not Fear - I believe after a years digging into these verses, I will be changed! Thanks for dropping by