Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Would God Send Us Where There Is No Room?

Why would God send them where there clearly was  no room?

We love to question God just like Eve...


Can we count the times we have  heard Him, questioned him, ignored Him, and knew better?


How about the times we didn’t even ask Him or hear Him, just totally ignored Him?


We knew better.  We really did.

But we thought we too would be sent into Bethlehem where we would have to believe for the very place to lay our head.

We want sure things...things that made sense... We want safety, security.

But always before us loams Bethlehem – with its chaos, loneliness, uncertainty, fear, danger. 

But yet also in Bethlehem there lies the birth of God’s will.

Will you go into your Bethlehem – the place that does not seem like the best place to be - for your birth into His will?


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