Sunday, December 14, 2014

Who Would Have a Pregnant Woman Travel 82 Miles on a Donkey?

Why would God have Mary travel on the week she is to be delivered? 
82 Miles
On a Donkey


    We live in  a world of "accurate" information where we do things right, after research, getting the facts.  God apparently didn't google “best time to travel for a pregnant woman,” or he surly would not have sent Mary off with his most prized possession in womb. 
Why would God do something so apparently reckless?

The truth could be that God values obedience over common sense.

I wish there were a search engine for the Bible.  But who would follow the sometimes outlandish actions of God?  The ridicule, the scorn, the jokes, the possible failure – who could bear it?

No one likes public ridicule.
No One
Many times it has to  happen to bring about God's plan.

Let us examine today what is holding us back from fulfilling our part of the kingdom? 
Is it fear of being made fun of? 
Is it fear of rejection? 
Is it fear of uncertainty? 
Is it fear of doing something that would not pass the goggle test of being wise?
Mary and Joseph would say abandon reason and step out and do it.

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