Monday, December 1, 2014

The Decree - God Orchestrated?

Was the decree to come to Bethlehem orchestrated by God?

I think we should all believe as disciples of Christ that God is giving us every opportunity to lead an abundant life and to fulfill our  destiny. 

He opens doors.
He uses even unaware and ungodly people to work his plan.

He puts together divine connections.
He speaks to people in dreams and visions.

He opens peoples’ eyes to see his will.
He puts passion and desire in people.

The problem is that we don’t follow through with our part.

We are scared.
We could be embarrassed.

We think maybe that really wasn’t God speaking to us.
We think we will make a fool out of our self.

We are afraid to be stretched financially, emotionally, or relationally.

We are just plain scaredy cats. 

He is however laying out the plan for your greatest service of love to the Kingdom. 
Right before you. 
Forget all the times you've messed up - reach out through your fear and follow His directions.


  1. Thank you for pointing me to Jesus today through your words and pictures!

    1. I love your blog name! I can't comment on your blog for some reason - love the idea of all the December lists - so true