Friday, December 5, 2014

So Two Groups Came


  1. The Wise Men

Who came of their own accord

had been seeking truth

followed a sign

  1. The Shepherds

Who were doing their job

were sent for by angels.
Why these two groups? 

Why not the leaders of the Synagogue? 

Why not seal the deal with the big guys? 

Nail this thing?
Get top endorsements? 
Why didn’t Mary proclaim who He was?

Why does it always have to come through faith? 

 through seeking?

 through obedience?

That is the way.            
Embrace it. 


It is not the easiest path,
but it is the path that has been revealed over and over. 

You can dream up a new path, but it won’t be the one that leads you to the Christ. 

The world can say all paths are fine, but the truth is only the path that leads to Christ is fine. 

Two groups – seekers and the obedient….. blessed are they

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