Friday, December 12, 2014

Signs From God

Signs are an interesting topic in the Christian faith.

At times we are told that an evil generation would seek for a sign.

At times signs lead people to God’s will.

A Star


Babe Lying in a Manger

The Wise men received their sign before they obeyed. 

They Shepherds received their sign after they obeyed.

All hands are up voting for before.
Yet all of us remember signs we received before, ignored, and now regret ignoring.
Red Flags!

Either way, the signs show the goodness of the Lord. 
The signs show the Lord’s desire to speak to us, lead us, and love us. 
The signs show His ever presence in our life.

Let us always expect and be aware of signs.
Most of all obey their direction. 

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  1. This post would make an amazing object illustration (I have it going through my mind right now!). Love the graphics! Short, sweet and deep! Thanks!