Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Living in Expectation

Do you live expecting the arrival of the Glory of God? 
Should we not live in great expectation - Not only of His return, but also of his intervention?

At times we actually live more in expectation of
our “hard work” paying off. 

 a coincidence happening for us

 those who we know to intervene
What did the shepherds do to achieve this invitation?
Was the angels’ visit to them just a coincidence?
Who did the shepherds know?

Is it possible that these men, like the Wise Men, were seeking God in their heart? 
expecting him to come to them? 
dreaming of a night like this?  
We, of course, do not know.
Although they were sore afraid,  they pressed through their fear, heard what the angles said, and obeyed their beckoning.  
Do you live in expectation of the glory of God appearing in your life?

May we learn from the shepherds to expect and obey.




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