Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Everyone went to be taxed - everyone?

God is an everyone God.  Which is so lovely.
The all inclusive one.
The no respecter of persons God.

Any one could have seen the star over Bethlehem.
It was in the sky after all.
The all inclusive One.

Giving an open invitation to everyone.

Look at the tree
It is an invitation to believe.


Everyone, everyday sees a star – an open invitation – the perfect creation – the Master’s touch.
Literally every day.

Everyone came to be taxed, yet God reached the heart of only two groups. 
I wonder if he tried to reach more who didn’t respond. 
More of whom we have no record. 
We like to believe God was selective on that day. 
 Maybe it was people who were selective to hear or not to hear.
See or not to see.
How much are you not hearing?
How much are you not seeing?

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  1. I love the image here of a collective God--gathering us ALL into His love.