Friday, November 28, 2014

Love Thinks No Evil

 No Evil?  None?  Nada? 
How far from that mark are you?  I know I am far.
Two questions –

1.       How do you think no evil?

          We all know Philippians 4:8
Think on

Whatsoever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtuous, praiseworthy

You must realize that this love life is a select life.   You choose and you reject – all day long.  You cannot go into neutral mode.  You can never afford to be idle.  You are alert, for the enemy is always on the prowl to pull you into evil thoughts because your thoughts are the seed bed of your life. 

2.      Why would that be love?

      Love is a living organism that only exists on love.  When you have filled your soul with the truths of God evil does not dictate to you. Love is not comfortable in the presence of evil. 
      But love can be quieted, stifled, hushed, ignored, and even laughed at within your own mind and soul.  It is a queer thing how  you embrace that which destroys while pushing away that which brings life.  You can be tricked into walking in evil, promoting evil, and rejoicing over evil.  When you do, you have truly been deceived and fallen into the hands of the one who hates you and whose only interest is to kill, steal, and destroy you.
Hit the mark with me today.  Just today.  Tomorrow we will think about tomorrow.

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