Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Love Seeketh Not Her Own

We all want our own way.  Period. 
It has gotten everyone of us something we don't want. When we realize our mistaken desire, we cry over the spilled milk that we insisted on.

So why don't we give it a rest?
1.  We all struggle with being needy and living in a state of discontentment. Remember and realize all the seeking our own way never really got us true contentment anyway. Rest in God alone.

2.   Our hearts hurt from life's disappointments and we want to guard against another one of those.  No such reality. Give your heart to God alone.


3.  At times we think this person, this deal, this answer will be THE person, THE deal, THE answer - but only ONE person, ONE deal, and ONE answer is THE person, THE deal, and THE answer. Jesus
It's an eternal set up that will never change. 

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