Thursday, November 27, 2014

Love is not Easily Provoked

Ok – appropriate for today

Despite all the Facebook pictures of perfect families in an array of wonderfully congenial activities – baking, cards, laughing – sometimes pictures don’t say a thousand words.

There could be pictures of people …

provoked by people

                         saying unkind words

                         not pulling their weight

                         nonchalantly showing up late

                         not watching their children

                         bringing up the past

                        bringing up the present

                        forecasting the future

                        thinking they know everything

Just to name a few                 

So how do we not get easily provoked

                        ask god to set a watch over our mouth

                        don’t take things personally

                        walk away      

                        realize this day will be over but the memories will last forever

Why should we not get easily provoked

                        children are watching and learning

                        family is precious


But most of all

It is God’s way


Take Care of What is Precious or Everything Else will Become Meaningless.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!




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