Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 9 - Does Thinking Dictate Dreams

Did Joseph's thinking dictate his dream?  Could he only have dreamed it had he been thinking about it?
For sure what we think about, watch on TV, invest our time in shows up in our dreams.  Sleep studies have proved that.
If our thoughts are so important, why aren’t we more careful with them?  Why aren’t we  intentional with them?
If what we give ourselves to can rule our dreams, should we not give ourselves to the great mysteries, higher thoughts, deeper paths?
It is easy to think this dream came about because God needed to tell Joseph something, but possibly Joseph’s mind and heart could not have dreamed God’s will had they not been ready through great amounts of pondering.
We all have had amazing dreams that we did not want to end.  We wanted to live in that dream.  What did we do to prepare and receive that dream.
Better yet what would you invest yourself to pondering to receiving direction?  What would you spend time thinking about to see God’s will? 

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