Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 8 - Joseph a Man Who Thought on Things

I love that it says But while he thought on these things….

Joseph was a but person, and questioning person 

            But what will happen to her
            But do I have to follow the law here
            But I could shield her from this apparent sin she                                 committed
            But what will happen to the baby
            But we had such plans

Within those buts and questions, he was a thinking person

He thought on these things then...
He waited to hear

He was a just man who followed God ways
But just this one time couldn’t he follow his heart?

He thought and pondered

He wasn’t watching TV, listening to music, reading blogs, texting

He was thinking and that thinking led to a visitation from an angel

Could we quiet our lives to think ... to listen ... to receive a visitation that would answer all of our questions?

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