Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 7 - He Never Wanted to Put Her Away

What would it have meant to have put her away?  

Of course we can’t imagine Joseph putting Mary away because he didn’t, but why didn’t he? ... like immediately.  He was a just man – who
 followed the law.
Can you imagine the shame she would have walked in?  God knew how awful it would have been for Mary and even for Joseph, but God knew this man.  He knew his heart could be trusted. 

God knew if he could stay in communication with Joseph, every law, every point of justice, every tradition, every ritual would melt away for Joseph would never want to do that to Mary. 

God knew Joseph could be trusted with the rage he must have felt.  God knew Joseph could be trusted to understand the devastation of what putting Mary away would mean.

God knew Joseph would be looking, waiting, listening for a way to obey Him and to love Mary unconditionally. 

All Joseph needed was a Word from God because to devastate Mary was not in Joseph’s heart.

Today I ask myself and you – can you be trusted to not do something devastating to someone?  Can you be trusted to wait and listen when you know there must be another way?

Have I mentioned that Joseph is my favorite?

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