Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 6 - Joseph a Just Man?

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Day 6
Let's look at one question posed yesterday from Matthew 1 about Joseph the father of Jesus.

He was a just man?

As I've said - Joseph is my favorite.

I've always wondered why he would even think of putting Mary away.
He was a just man.

I always wondered why God had to speak to him to marry his betrothed, his love.
He was a just man.

I've always wondered why he quickly obeyed the angel.
He was a just man.

A just man does what God says despite his feelings.
A just man follows God's ways while his heart is breaking.

A just man does not lean on his own understanding.
A just man does not insist upon his own way.

A just man believes God's ways are perfect.
A just man walks by faith and not by sight.

Are you a just woman?
Do you love God's ways as Joseph did?

Will you walk away from that flirtatious situation because you are a just woman?

Will you turn the other cheek because you are a just woman?

Will you leave that unkind word unsaid because you are a just woman?

Joseph was a just man, and I believe he had always lived that way and had seen the good fruit of it. 

He was only going to turn away from what he believed was God's kind, just ways, if God asked him to. 

God asked him to, and he received his love, Mary, with open arms. 

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  1. Debra, what a beautiful meditation of Joseph, the Just Man. I read it this morning after posting yesterday (10/13) on the same topic. Tomorrow (10/15) I am posting on the questions you raised here. How exciting to find your blog, we have many of the same thoughts and questions. Your posts are beautifully worded and thought provoking. I'm grateful to have found your blog. Warm Regards, Mary Clare