Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 5 - Freaking on Joseph the Father of Jesus

Basic Concept # 3
Look at things from a child's point of view - raw, honest, and uninhibited by years of "learning," with little to no preconceptions.

I love Joseph the father of Jesus.  He’s my favorite.  I have looked at him from so many angles just because he deserves to be looked at, analyzed, loved, appreciated, admired, and imitated.

Let’s Freakanomics this man from Matthew 1: 18- 25!

Today we are looking at him from a child’s point of view – not necessarily childish, but more childlike – more untainted by life, opinions, and sermons.

He was a just man?
What would it have meant to have put her away?  To Mary?  To Joseph?
Would doing it privately have made it any better?
What does it look like to be a thinker?
Did his thinking dictate his dream?  Could he only have dreamed it had he been thinking about it?
What was he afraid of?  Why would he believe an angel in a dream?
Did he ever give doing what the angel said a second thought?  Is that the key to doing great things – not giving them a second thought?
Was he really that cut and dry obedient?

Tomorrow I will give you my thoughts – hopefully you are coming up with your own.

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