Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 3 - More To Those Five Women

Basic Principle #2
Don't hang on to truths that you have heard and not look for anything else, for they could be very wrong and/or there could be more.

I always thought it strange that the only thing I have ever heard from Matthew 1 : 1- 16 is that God put all the bad girls in Jesus’ genealogy to show that all of us bad people could be a part of something big also or maybe or probably not but if we weren’t,  it wasn’t because we were so bad.
However, when you look at these gals, only three of the five were considered “bad.” 
I get the analogy Thamar -  although she was frustrated, tricking her former father-in-law to get pregnant was a bit on the dark side.
And of course Rachab – prostitute, oldest profession of womankind, really low, really low.
Then there is Bathsheba – goodness me – and your husband out fighting for the kingdom?  How could you?
But stop the press!
Ruth?  As sweet as it gets – loyal, loving, king, selfless.
Mary?  Thought by some to be utter perfection. 
So there is goes.  Blown to smithereens – there has to be more.  What is God saying with these women? 
A Bible Freak will give this some thought.  Tomorrow... what I think it all means.

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