Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 2 - Wise Men Believe All Men Would Love Him

I love the Wise Men  - ya know the old “wise men still seek him” promotion that has given them a good rap, but honestly you have to wonder why they dropped by Herod’s joint.

If all of Jerusalem was upset (I have always been intrigued by that scripture – Everybody?  Really?  Everybody was watching the news?), then surely on the way someone warned him about the guy. 

They were like Wise Men for a living – that is crazy.  Like someone somewhere gave them money to be wise – we do the opposite in this country.  We pay a lot of money to idiots for being just that. 

I don’t think we can tell by the scripture why they stopped at Herod’s but honestly it could have been to irritate him, to throw it in his face, or they could have believed a king would be a wise man (now that’s a concept) who would be interested in finding the Savior of the World – right in his own backyard, literally. 

I love the thought of the last part – shouldn't we all be wise men who believe all men really want to worship our Savior

Are we are too cynical these days?  I love the Wise Men’s innocent entrance into the evil court – Hey!  Have you heard!  Oh, sure, we’ll come right back as soon as we have news!  Thanks for the hospitality.

Herod thought the words of the prophets were something he could ignore, manipulate, change, overcome.    He would not have it and would scheme and connive until he brought this to an end. 

You three guys... ignore what it looks like here, I actually do want to worship this new king so get back to me, hear?

I would love to think I am so much like the wise men – so focused, so able to brush off powerful men, so driven by the star in my life.  

Sadly I think I am more like Herod – protecting what is mine by my own will, being on the lookout for anything or anyone who would try to take my rightful possessions from me, fixing things to work out my way, and daring others to come against me.  

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