Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 15 - Freaking On A Dream

Day 15
Freakanomics can also help you understand your dreams. A friend and I were talking last night about some of her issues with someone. She was wondering how to handle the troubles they were having.  We talked extensively about it from a lot of angles.

   That night she dreamed:
        She and that person were in two separate row boats, and the person’s boat was sinking.  There were life preservers on both boats, but he kept saying to her “help me I’m sinking.”  She was saying your life preserver is right there.  Finally she had to jump in to get him which frustrated her.  After she saved him he said oh I didn’t see the life preserver because the waters were too rough.

So to Freakanomics the dream I asked her why they were in separate boats.  Why did she feel she had to save him when all he needed to do was reach out and help himself?  Why did it frustrate her to rescue him?  What is he going to do about the rough waters he is in? Is it always best to rescue him? Etc.

We’ve discussed three Freakanomics principles, here are more that I used on my friend's dream 
4. There are no dumb questions.
5. It is important to talk to people and get feedback about your thoughts.
6. Listen to what others have to say.
7. Don’t feel you always have to defend your point of view.
8. Everyone does not have to agree with you.

Yep - God still speaks through dreams! 
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