Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14 - Joseph's Incentive

Freakanomics Principle #4

Understand incentives in a situation.  What is someone getting out of something that could cause this situation to happen?

Matthew 2 :13 – 23 – We see Joseph running his family all over Kingdom Come – no pun intended – at God’s beckoning.  What was Joseph’s incentive?  What was he getting out of this situation?

He has
given up his idea of a normal life.
become a nomad for all intent and purposes.
given up all contacts for business.
moved  away from friends and family.
to live in fear for the life of his son.
the responsibility of  caring for the Savior of the World.
probably reminded God a couple of times that he did not sign up for this.
I believe Joseph’s incentive was to live out his purpose and to please God.  He did not care what it cost him.
I wonder if  for many of us that would be enough?

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