Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 11 - Four Things Joseph was NOT Concerned About

Four things Joseph was not concerned about

1.    What other would think
Following through with his betrothal would bring shame to him and his family.  He only desired what God wanted, not an easy way out.  How many times have we taken the easy way, the path most taken?
2.    Getting his own way
Although Joseph wanted to marry Mary, he did not want to if it were not God’s will.  How many times have we insisted on our own way to find out later it was a horrible decision?
3.    Figuring this out in his own way
Although Joseph was a thinker, it never said he was a conniver.  Do we sometimes work the angles to get our way and call it being clever?
4.    Asking others for their opinion
Never once in the scriptures do we see Joseph going to friends or family for advice.  Joseph wanted to hear from only one person – God.  Could we even count the times we went to others before seeking God?
There is much to be learned from this faithful servant of God.

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