Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 10 - Four Things Joseph was Concerned About

Four things Joseph was concerned about

1.   Breaking God’s laws-
He had no intentions of turning away from the precepts he had grown to love to make this marriage happen.  Do we turn from the scriptures to make things happen in our life?

  2.  Not hearing God’s voice-
I think from the beginning Joseph wanted to know how this could have happened.  Do we give God a chance to speak in times of trouble?

3.    Giving this little to no thought-
    Joseph did not go flailing thought life by the seat of his pants.  Do we break away from the madness and ponder?

 4.  Hurting Mary-

He did not want to publicly expose her, but of course he knew even the private putting away of her would be devastating to her.  Do we consider the pain our decisions will cause others?

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  1. I always loved that Joseph wanted to protect Mary.


    31 dayer