Thursday, October 9, 2014

31 Day Challenge Bible Like A Freak

31 Day Challenge

Day 1
Freakanomics is a way to analyze everything and anything under the sun and was designed by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner in their best selling books Think Like A Freak, Freakanomics, and Superfreakanomics.

This summer I started applying this way of thinking to the book that has been analyzed by millions of people throughout the ages - the Bible.

Every day of our 31 Days I will take a section in the Bible and apply one of the Freakanomics basics and show you how it's done. The examples will have questions on the first of two days and my insights on the second. You will love it for it is so engaging and fun!

   Basics # 1

   Always look at the incentives for the people in the passage for clues to that scripture - Matthew 2 - a familiar scripture about the birth of Jesus and the Wise Men who came from afar.  In Freakanomics, you ask questions until exhaustion. I use it to check my own incentives in situations and check myself.
   What drove the Wise Men? What was their incentive?  to worship? to receive favor?  to flaunt this new king in front of Herod? to follow a star?  to be the first to see the child?  go back home to tell of the child?  confirm Bible prophecy?  
    What was Herod's incentive?  to worship?  find the child? promote himself?  safeguard himself?  test his chief priests and scribes?  destroy anything that was in his way?  really find truth? get the entire city in disarray?  challenge anyone who challenges him?  challenge the Christ? find the Christ?  keep all of this secret? come against Bible prophecy?  trick the wise men?  control the atmosphere in Judea?
    Give these questions some thought and tomorrow, Day 2, I will share my thoughts!

Day 13 - Joseph, A Heart to Obey
Day 14 - Joseph's Incentive
Day 15 - Freaking On a Dream
Day 16 - Freaky Obedient
Day 17 - Keep Your Opinion Out
Day 18 - Freakanomics?
Day 19 - This Might Freak You Out
Day 20 - How Can you have Confidence in Time of Need
Day 21 - Approach, Please.
Day 22 - How Not to Receive Help From God
Day 23 - Did You RSVP?
Day 24 - What Does God Get Out of This?
Day 25 - Four Things You Should Do After Receiving From God
Day 26 - He Knows the Perfect Time
Day 27 - Finding the Grace
Day 28 - More Than My Need Met
Day 29 - How Do I Start Freaking on a Verse
Day 30 - How To Freak Day Two
Day 31 - Freaking on Kindness

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