Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Original Freakanomic Men

  I do love the independence of the Wise Men – they told Herod  exactly what they believed without a twitch.  I think they had no fear but their eyes were single – focused on the prize of the Messiah.   Single focus is really a key to ultimate success in our faith.  Jesus said it when he said to Martha that only one thing was important.  Many people would have been in awe of Herod, would have wanted to please him, would have changed their story once they saw his reaction, and would have feared not returning his way.  Not these guys – they had a mission, stayed on it, and accomplished it.  Heord, to their life, was just a blimp on the screen.
May we today, Father, keep our focus on you and your requests on our life giving no one else’s pull on us away from your desire a thought.  May we be wise people who seek you in a way that costs us.

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