Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Herods in our Lives

Had they heard of Herod?  Why didn't Herod just go along with them or send some of his people with them? 
I am not sure how far from the East they came, but it is possible that they just entered into the city and sought out the governmental buildings and people.   Wise men and God seekers have civil leaders in perspective unlike most of us.  They grasp that God is supreme and is always working on their behalf even if the whole world is going to pot.  No weapon formed against them can prosper.   I think we sometimes see things as weapons though that are more consequences of our behavior and poor choices.  Sometimes leaders are that – poor choices of the people or consequences of “wanting a king.” 

I am sure it didn’t take long for them to be around Herod to know what kind of man he really was – mean, self serving, not interested in worshiping anyone but himself.  I think they gave him no mind. 
A lesson to be learned from these men is to stay focused, don’t put too much stock on those who are “kicking against the pricks,” and press on to your destiny.  Sounds easy, but we all know it is very hard.  If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.
I pray you learn to not allow the Herods in your life to control your destiny. 

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