Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Governor Jesus

   The Bible is a living book.  It breathes out truths past and present.  Jesus being the governor is one of those breathing truths.  It is also one of those “whether you know it or not” things.  Israel is of course an interesting land and interesting people.  I think sometimes they wonder how they got in the situation they are in.  As a nation they have fought the governing of Jesus, but one day every knee shall bow.
   Today, Jesus is governing it all, but he only governors lives by permission.  He is constantly orchestrating things in each life, but that doesn’t mean those things are being allowed to come to pass in those lives.  For Jesus’ orchestration and governing always must be received by faith.  If you are not rooted and grounded in the Word, His ways seem too hard and strange.  But if you will let Him be your governor,He is the most kind and loving ruler ever.


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