Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Part Without Fear


 I think people like Herod always believe people will bow down to them.   Although the Bible tells us to pray and obey our authorities, Paul said he would always obey God over man.  The obedience to man never supersedes that to God’s direction.  We say that Jesus is our Lord, but at times live like men are. 
Sometimes we don’t try to hear the voice of God because we know what it will say.  I believe the Wise men had to overcome fear to walk away from Herod’s directives.  They could have been captured and imprisoned for not doing what Herod told them to do. 

It is crazy to think the Wise Men might have been so afraid of Herod that they would sell Jesus out to Herod, but people sell people out all the time in this world to save themselves.  These men were not just mystical men cruising the world on their camels head in the sky, but they were great men of faith who brought Jesus and his family gifts that sustained them as they were in hiding.  Jesus’ family's very existence depended on these men’s faith and obedience. 
May we be as the Wise Men, focused on our part of the Kingdom fearing no man, 


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