Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Herod a Freaky Fool

   I find people who are really focused on the “one important thing” usually are not easily fooled by people and are also not worried about people who might try to fool them.  They have compassion for them, pray for them, but generally do not let them interfere with their Kingdom life.  People who have little to no regard to the will of God, cannot be a factor in Kingdom lives.  I am sure that is how the Wise Men felt about Herod.  They thought there was just something off with him, and they could not get entangled with his web of lies.  They were focused on their mission and were not to be distracted.  I think also they had real fellowship one with another that kept them on track.  The glitz and glamor of the Great Herod had no pull on them.  May we also live lives that are focused and free from those who would distract us.

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