Monday, September 8, 2014

Freakanomics Matthew 2 7 - 10

   Were the wise men fooled by Herod's insistence that he wanted to worship the child?  Had they heard of Herod?  Why didn't Herod just go along with them or send some of his people with them?  Did Herod think the Wise men would sell Jesus out?  If they had been led by the star, why did they stop and ask Herod anyway?  Did Herod's wise men tell them about the prophecy of Bethlehem or did the wise men already know they were going there?  Were the wise men Jews?  Were they rejoicing because they saw the star again?  Had they lost the star?  Was the star temporarily hidden so the men would stop at Jerusalem?  Was this an attempt of God to bring Herod unto Him?  Was this an opportunity for Herod to see the truth? 

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