Friday, August 22, 2014

Throw it All Away to Think Freaky

   One problem with Christians is that we have sat for hours listening to what others believe a scripture is saying -  Sunday morning, Sunday School, Bible Study, Wednesday night, Sunday night, books, commentaries, etc.  You get the drift.  But when you are using Freakanomics, you have to throw away everything you've been taught, everything you've believed, and think it over fresh.  All that listening to others has ruined us.  Like a magnet we go right to what we were told something meant.  It is our comfort zone.
   We were told that God wanted us to know that he uses even bad people to bring about his plans.  If there is one thing I know about God - although He is sovereign and can do anything he wants, he is no puppet master,
   God rarely gets His way.  Most of the time, God speaks, no one listens; God moves, people take credit for it; God directs, people do their own thing.  God's will be done - usually isn't.  When people do listen, believe God to move, and follow His directions, beautiful things happen, but if we'd be honest about it, that is rare and because it is so rare, our world is in a stinking' mess.
   So, I write all this to say that it is hard for me to believe that God orchestrated all the manipulative things these women in Matthew 1 did.  You would have to believe that God wanted Thamar to lie, deceive, and trick her way into motherhood.  You would have to believe that it was God's will for David to cheat with Bathsheba, and so God caused it to happen.  We all know none of this lines up with God's character.
   Then we are left with the fact that God had little to no control of any of these events and that the ladies just happen to be in the lineage as randomly as other people is a person's lineage.  Maybe it is just the randomness of life and the craziness of events that is brought out here; and that through it all, God still brought forth His Son although it took 14x3 - 42 generations.  I feel confident God desired to do it a lot sooner than that, but had to find the people who would obey.  Which brings us to Mary, next time.

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