Saturday, August 16, 2014

Think Like A Freak - Great Idea

   After reading the Think Like a Freak books by Steven D. Levitt and  Stephen J. Dubner, I realized that this method of exploration would work great for those of us who love to read and meditate on God's Word - the Bible.  I must admit there are times I am in need of a challenge or another approach to reading the imperishable seed of God.  We can begin to take the precious words for granted and feel that we know it all.  When I started thinking like a freak in my Bible reading time, the Word came alive to me again and again.
  You honestly can open the Bible any place and start this procedure.  I just randomly opened the Bible the first day I experimented with this and felt like I had really never even taken any thought about Gideon of my own although I knew a lot of what I had been taught about the passages.
   When you think like a freak - the exploration becomes your own.  The questions delve deeper and deeper into realms that you before never gave much consideration.  You begin to see layers and layers of teaching and wisdom that are packed way below the surface on everything from one word to an entire chapter.  You begin to see connections that you never explored before. 
   Freaky thinking, questioning, and stripping of verses enhances the Word and makes it your own mine to explore and uncover.  The treasures are there for the questioning.

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