Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Girls of Matthew - Like a Freak

When you use Freakanomics as a Bible Study tool, the first  step is to get as many questions as you can spilled out and roll them around in your head, if possible share the questions with a Bible study buddy just to shake things up, hold those questions up as a mirror to your life and ways, and think of them again as you drift off to sleep at night.
   Then, after all that,  you might have some answers, but you also might not.  If you honestly meditate on your wonderings, you definitely will have some thoughts.  Thoughts that might change your life forever - honestly, this question probing and attempt to answer might straighten out a crooked line and set your life in a better, more clear and healing direction forever.
   Matthew 1's relentless display of highlighting only the gossip worthy girls of Jesus's genealogy caused me to wonder why they got the break?  What was it about Tamar that caused God to honorably or maybe it was dishonorably call her out?  Was it because she was so wronged and took matters into her hands? 
   As I spend my life trying to wait patiently on God's leading and yet fill my life with mistakes of insisting and "making" my own way, Tamar's gift of birthing a son in the lineage baffles me.  I would love to think this line of women just display the oft quoted scripture that says - all things work together for  good, but I don't think that is  the main message here. 
   One thing I did take away from all of this yesterday - God is way more interested in loving, forgiving, and embracing those who mess up than I am.  God's loving reminder of these women's part in the most important event in the history of mankind, shames me of my petty grievances towards those you have hurt me - hopefully straightening my path and mind forever.  Gotta love those gals!

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