Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Matt 1: 1-16 - Like a Freak

   Genealogies are always interesting.  Is God screaming at us - families are very important?  or is God saying anyone can be a part who matter who, no matter how?
   What causes God to mention people randomly - like Judas and his brothers, and mothers like Tamar, Rachab, Ruth, her that had been the wife of Urias, then no other mothers until Mary?
   Are these mothers more important because they are out of the norm?  Did he mention them because they were women who pointed to the goodness of God?  the grace of God?  Are these women to give us hope that even in horrible situations God can come through? 
  Tamar and the wife of Urias became part of the most important linage through sin possibly of their own choosing?  Does Rachab prove that even after a life of sin that goes again everything that strengthens a family, God can still use you to bring about the savior of the world from the most important family?  How does one go from being a prostitute to being part of God's eternal plan?  Why doesn't this happen today or is it just as rare as it was back then?   Didn't Rachab become part of the plan out of desperation?  Boaz was a really nice man - how did that happen with his mother being a prostitute?  So prostitutes can be really great people and mothers who are just in a bad situation? Why did they solicit help from a prostitute?  Is it the deal of being available?
    Was Ruth mentioned because of her not being an Israelite?  Was she, like Rachab an example of God taking a bad situation and turning it around? 
    Was the wife of Urias a victim or was she a willing participant?  Again, like Rachab, is a woman who is an adulterer one who can raise a son as wise as Solomon?  Did she pour into Solomon don't do what I did?  Did she love or hate being part of David's group of wives?  Was she David's one true love?  How could someone else's wife be God's perfect choice for Jesus's linage?  Did God bless David and the wife of Urias' marriage?  Did God look upon her as David's wife when David had so many?  Do we put too much stock in this whole marriage thing when it appears God blesses even women like Tamar who tricked her way into the family?

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