Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mary - Thinking Only Like a Freak

   When I began to ponder Mary - especially after dissecting the interesting women in Jesus's ancestry - I believe of all the women, it was the hardest to think freaky about her (where you do not just rely on what you have been taught as the truth).  Being afraid to not think freaky, I do believe, is why Christians and non Christians get bored with the Bible.  They just are afraid to plunder freely the "holy teachings of the church."  The teachings which, quite honestly, could or could not be actually holy or Spirit breathed. 
   If what I've just wrote shocked you, please do not read on.  It is ok to just believe what you are told and settle for that.  Actually it is probably very "safeish."   But something within me believes there are hidden truths that can only be discovered by upturning every stone. 
   Again today I am going with my thinking that I previously wrote that I do not believe God wanted to wait fifty-two generations - over one thousand years - to reconcile with mankind. I believe he had to wait as he does all the time, throughout eternity, every generation, every day .. to find a willing vessel to carry out His plans..
   I know God is patient and a thousand years is like a day to him, but I honestly believe Mary was just as ordinary as those other people in Matthew 1.  What makes Mary so incredible - and I believe she was amazing and brave - is solely that she was obedient to the very difficult call on her life. 
   Was she perfect?  Absolutely not, only Jesus was perfect.  Did she always support Jesus blindly?  No, she called him away when he was preaching, and he rebuked her.  She was just a gal - like all us gals and guys. What makes her different is that she was a gal who obeyed.  She shouldn't be worshipped, but should be held in awe along with all the other gals and guys who have changed the world through doing what God called them to do - that rare and obedient small group of people. 

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