Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kings and Leaders

I think God used the word troubled because Herod “didn’t want them to see him sweat.”   He had learned the art of knowing how much emotion to show without it looking as if he was not in control.  Of course he was never in control; he was holding onto his position by his own sheer will killing anyone, even toddlers, who might threaten him.
Poor leaders always drag other fearing souls into their drama.  It is the same today.  The government was never to be our source, we were to be the ones who held them up in prayer, seeking God’s will in a situation.  Staying with our eyes on the Lord, believing in His government over our souls.  But we modern day Christians are mostly ranting and raving about government than being the church in our communities.

I think at times when people do not seek God in their choices for leaders and vote frivolously or don’t vote at all,  they say – well it must have been God’s will.  I say – don’t blame God for your lack of integrity when it comes to you responsibility in selecting leaders.  We get who we deserve because we have voted them in.  Hopefully God had his way with your vote.  And God is most likely still saying – “you’re the ones who wanted a King.”

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