Sunday, August 24, 2014

Joseph - My Favorite As I Think Like A Freak

  So here are my questions about Joseph.  How could he dismiss Mary just because she was pregnant if he really loved her?  Was he worried about his reputation?  Was he so upset with her he could not see seeing her through this pregnancy?  Why does the Bible not show any emotion on the part of Joseph?  He must not have been mad or he would have exposed her publically.  So what does it mean when it says he was a just man?  Just usually means fair.  Was he being fair?   Was he minded to do it or was he going to do it?  Was he just thinking about it?  If he put her away privately, he would be exonerated but not her?  He was a man of thought - what was he thinking about?  Was he thinking that he loved her so much and now this?  Was he thinking about what she had told him?  Had she told him about her visitation?  Does thinking on things bring about God sent dreams?   Did Joseph remember those verses?  Was every young virgin praying to be the mother of the messiah?  Was every young man praying to be the husband of that virgin?  How crazy was it for the prophet to say a virgin shall be with child and bring forth a son?  Did people in general believe the prophecies or had they forgotten them?  Were the prophesies taught in the synagogue?  How could Joseph be so blindly obedient?  He appears to not have hesitated a second - did he even ask one question back?  Doesn't his not knowing her until Jesus was born prove his incredible love for her or does it prove he is obedient to God? 

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