Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Freaking on Bethlehem

  It is hard to practice Freakanomics with the Christmas Story because like even non-Christians believe they know everything about this story.  Nothing new to see here, everybody keep moving.  So let me see what stirs my questioning.
   So were the wise men like the president's counsel?  Did they have abilities in astrology or were they religious?  If they were religious, what was their religion?  With poor communication apparatuses, how did they hear of the impending King of the Jews?  How did they know to follow a star?  Were they versed in Jewish prophecy?  Was Herod troubled because he knew the prophecies or just a foolish man running hard to hold on to his position while running 180 degrees in the wrong direction with his life?  Troubled?  That doesn't seem to be a big enough word.  I have always loved the second part of this verse ... and all Jerusalem with him.  Everyone in the city knew?  and were upset too?  what were they upset about?  wasn't this new king good news for them?  were they faking being upset?  were they upset just because the king was upset?  were they afraid what he might do?


  1. I think the wisemen must have been both astrologers and religious. How would you even research that to find an answer. Herod had to know the prophecies he was a Jew right or was he romab

  2. Great questions! I guess my question would be what religion do you think they were? Wickopedia baby! I do not believe Herod was a Jew because remember he killed all the Jewish babies. Is it because they followed a star? Didn't the shepherds follow the star too?