Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Freaking Contrasts

I always love the contrasts in the Bible – here are two men –
Herod, a powerful man who had made his destiny through murder, greed and power, although he knew the scriptures.   He must have believed them or he would not have listened to the Magi, requested them to return to him, and murdered Jewish boys.  He believed the scriptures but did not love or worship God.  His love was purely towards himself and his personal gain.  And with all that going on, he missed the entire point of his life even though he was adored by many – probably out of fear, but nonetheless.

Joseph, was a man with no personal power over men, who made his destiny through seeking and obeying God.  He knew, believed, and followed the  scriptures.  He worshiped God in thought, word, and deed.  His love was towards God and God’s will.  He hit the mark of his life, changed the world forever, and yet was, for the most part, totally obscure. 
There is much to be said about the simplicity of loving God and believing on His Word.

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