Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chief Priests and Scribes of the People

Herodic responding – he gathered the chief priests and scribes of the people.  Were they his priests?

I think they were his “priests” as much as any person in Jerusalem; however, people like Herod don’t ever feel they need spiritual leadership because they are a god unto themselves.  The spiritual leaders belonged to the people.  I think that is great and the way it should be.  Spiritual people should belong to the people, for the people, and from God.  We should all have spiritual leaders in our life to whom we can talk, but sadly very few people do and also very few people want to hear what the spiritual leaders have to say any more than Herod did.
I always think it interesting the balance between good counsel and seeking God for your own answers.  Good counsel is hard to find and can be expensive.  I know people who have searched high and low for people who would tell them the truth.  I know people who ran as soon as the truth was told.  Herod wasn’t interested in the truth of the messiah.  Herod was just using the wise men to forward his own agenda.  He was not interested in worshiping but finding the messiah.  I think a lot of people want to find the messiah, but aren’t interested in worshipping him.  May we uncover the Herodic ways in our own hearts.

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