Thursday, August 28, 2014

All of Jerusalem - now that is freaky

     And all Jerusalem with him?  That verse has always freaked me out even before I was into Freakanomics.  How does one man’s trouble become the entire city’s troubles?  I am thinking this was because of his reputation to come against the innocent, to irresponsibly harm others without thought,  to be careless and uncaring.  There are many men who have that effect on their families – I’ve seen it.  It always makes me think of Herod and how his anger permeated the city when I see this kind of husband and father – bullies, really, bringing their anger down on everyone’s parade.  Herod – an angry fool who wants everyone paying for his unhappiness.  A fool to be avoided.  Turn away from the angry man, least you learn his ways.    

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