Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Whose angle or star are you?


I have to wonder as I wander.  God is a God of patterns.  The same yesterday, today, and forever.
Keeping it simple.

So he still gives signs – still sends messengers.

Pointing the way to the Savior and telling others the Good News of Great Joy.
someone’s angel

someone’s star

Before you get all snooty about how God wouldn’t use you, blah, blah, blah...
realize God only has you. 
He only has imperfect people to share His message and point the way.

You and Me

Pointing the way as the angels did.

Yup – that’s the roll call.
That is who he has.
Only us.
Pointing the way

Someone is waiting to hear what you know.

The all inclusive one has only the all imperfect ones. 

Perfect, right?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Everyone went to be taxed - everyone?

God is an everyone God.  Which is so lovely.
The all inclusive one.
The no respecter of persons God.

Any one could have seen the star over Bethlehem.
It was in the sky after all.
The all inclusive One.

Giving an open invitation to everyone.

Look at the tree
It is an invitation to believe.


Everyone, everyday sees a star – an open invitation – the perfect creation – the Master’s touch.
Literally every day.

Everyone came to be taxed, yet God reached the heart of only two groups. 
I wonder if he tried to reach more who didn’t respond. 
More of whom we have no record. 
We like to believe God was selective on that day. 
 Maybe it was people who were selective to hear or not to hear.
See or not to see.
How much are you not hearing?
How much are you not seeing?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Who Would Have a Pregnant Woman Travel 82 Miles on a Donkey?

Why would God have Mary travel on the week she is to be delivered? 
82 Miles
On a Donkey


    We live in  a world of "accurate" information where we do things right, after research, getting the facts.  God apparently didn't google “best time to travel for a pregnant woman,” or he surly would not have sent Mary off with his most prized possession in womb. 
Why would God do something so apparently reckless?

The truth could be that God values obedience over common sense.

I wish there were a search engine for the Bible.  But who would follow the sometimes outlandish actions of God?  The ridicule, the scorn, the jokes, the possible failure – who could bear it?

No one likes public ridicule.
No One
Many times it has to  happen to bring about God's plan.

Let us examine today what is holding us back from fulfilling our part of the kingdom? 
Is it fear of being made fun of? 
Is it fear of rejection? 
Is it fear of uncertainty? 
Is it fear of doing something that would not pass the goggle test of being wise?
Mary and Joseph would say abandon reason and step out and do it.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Signs From God

Signs are an interesting topic in the Christian faith.

At times we are told that an evil generation would seek for a sign.

At times signs lead people to God’s will.

A Star


Babe Lying in a Manger

The Wise men received their sign before they obeyed. 

They Shepherds received their sign after they obeyed.

All hands are up voting for before.
Yet all of us remember signs we received before, ignored, and now regret ignoring.
Red Flags!

Either way, the signs show the goodness of the Lord. 
The signs show the Lord’s desire to speak to us, lead us, and love us. 
The signs show His ever presence in our life.

Let us always expect and be aware of signs.
Most of all obey their direction. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Living in Expectation

Do you live expecting the arrival of the Glory of God? 
Should we not live in great expectation - Not only of His return, but also of his intervention?

At times we actually live more in expectation of
our “hard work” paying off. 

 a coincidence happening for us

 those who we know to intervene
What did the shepherds do to achieve this invitation?
Was the angels’ visit to them just a coincidence?
Who did the shepherds know?

Is it possible that these men, like the Wise Men, were seeking God in their heart? 
expecting him to come to them? 
dreaming of a night like this?  
We, of course, do not know.
Although they were sore afraid,  they pressed through their fear, heard what the angles said, and obeyed their beckoning.  
Do you live in expectation of the glory of God appearing in your life?

May we learn from the shepherds to expect and obey.




Friday, December 5, 2014

So Two Groups Came


  1. The Wise Men

Who came of their own accord

had been seeking truth

followed a sign

  1. The Shepherds

Who were doing their job

were sent for by angels.
Why these two groups? 

Why not the leaders of the Synagogue? 

Why not seal the deal with the big guys? 

Nail this thing?
Get top endorsements? 
Why didn’t Mary proclaim who He was?

Why does it always have to come through faith? 

 through seeking?

 through obedience?

That is the way.            
Embrace it. 


It is not the easiest path,
but it is the path that has been revealed over and over. 

You can dream up a new path, but it won’t be the one that leads you to the Christ. 

The world can say all paths are fine, but the truth is only the path that leads to Christ is fine. 

Two groups – seekers and the obedient….. blessed are they

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Were the shepherds a type of Jesus?

  Humbly doing the work they were called to.

Living a life of simplicity and solitude.

      Being faithful to those in their care.

    Guarding those in their flock from harm.

     Obeying when called by God to come.

And we are to be a type of Jesus as well.
   Humbly doing the work we are called to.

  Livng a life of simplicity and solitude.

  Being faithful to those in our care.
Guarding those in our flock from harm 
 Obeying when called by God to come.